Use Hospitality to Share Jesus

I believe that the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is true for the majority of men and women alike. I mean, who doesn’t love food!? We see this shared passion across so many global cultures — people love food, flavour and feasts… as well as the opportunity to connect with friends that all food so often provides.

A meal shared is an opportunity for a heart to open.

Steph, a friend of mine recently decided to run with this concept and turned it into an opportunity for sharing the Gospel. Her idea was to gather women together for dinner (named Zion Dinners), which would form friendships and create a safe space for restoration and growth. The idea for Zion Dinners was sparked when she was given the word ‘Zion’ earlier this year from a verse in Psalms…

“It was like a dream come true. When you freed us from our bondage and brought us back to Zion” — Psalms 126:1

Steph says: “I want to create a culture that forgets about comparison, and instead celebrates each other’s victories, to grow, then find more joy, and share our stories around the table.”

With a heart to see people reconciled to Jesus, Steph opens her Zion Dinner gatherings to women from all walks of life, inviting them to come into an atmosphere of love and acceptance while enjoying great food.

By eating, drinking, and sharing together, she creates a space for life changing friendships to be forged.

In fact, she has seen testimonies shared, callings stepped into, boldness and obedience cultivated, and hearts left hungering for more of God.

Together they create special moments out of ordinary days — which is exactly what a life of mission is all about.

I challenge you to use hospitality to share Jesus

Think up a few ways to make your daily habits opportunities to share Jesus. Create a space that you could invite others to join and then be expectant for God to work in and through that space for His glory and His kingdom.