Want to up your Social Media game?

Social Partners enables any church with a Facebook Page access to a high quality library of video and image content to boosts your social media presence.

We have heard from church leaders that although they understand the value of a strong social media presence they find time and resources challenging. So, we have created a brand new program designed to save time and provide the highest quality resources.

Delivered weekly, partners receive new videos and resources to create a consistent, engaging social media presence in their community. This in turn creates new touchpoints to engage people online who are interested in faith, enabling them to connect with the church family before they have even set foot in church!

All of the video content that we make is designed to get Seekers interested in talking about the Gospel. We are obsessed with figuring out what type of storytelling will help lead people towards Christ. Some of the films are animated explainer-style videos, some are mini-documentaries, and some are inspiring parables on scriptural themes.

Are you interested in Social Partners?
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