Preparing for the Harvest

God PLEASE give me patience and please, GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

I really am not very good at WAITING!  Whilst I am very aware of the culture driven trend for everything to be ‘instant and on demand’, my impatience arises out of a different place.  Let me explain.

The Word of God encourages us to live in a place of anticipating faith.  In Hosea 10:12 we are encouraged, challenged and provoked to live with a vision of a moment when all the labour and activity of today will be validated.  Do this UNTIL.

Breaking New Ground

Coming back to the UK as Brigitte and I have done has felt like we are coming to break new ground again (if not for others, then certainly for ourselves). To plough ourselves into the task of strengthening and equipping other fellow believers. Sowing time and effort into initiatives to introduce people to Jesus and, YES, to join in reaping a harvest that others have laboured to achieve.

However, we do this for one important reason.  I believe in God’s agenda and His preferred future for Britain (and the Earth) to be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord.  How I would like to see that happening NOW!

Obedience in Faith

This is my impatience. Yet, faith requires that I live in a place of obedience, disciplined to right living and steadfast in hope; all because I believe that it is God’s desire to see multitudes in the UK reached with the Gospel of Jesus.  Every initiative we embark upon therefore bears testimony to the fact that we believe that we are all doing what we do – UNTIL. The Lord of the Harvest IS coming.  God (Still) loves the UK. The greatest days for the Church of Jesus are not confined to our history but are promised to all who live in a place that anticipates God’s entry again into the story of this nation.

Living for that moment requires we equip, refine and build in the certainty of faith that demonstrates our desire to be ready for when He arrives, to pour out showers of righteousness on the previously ‘barren spiritual landscape’ of what many describe as a post-Christian culture.

Isn’t it time to start preparing and living NOW, for a different tomorrow?